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Alright, it's Thursday and I'm starting the RP (as promised to some). ^^ Hopefully you all are excited about that. I would still like to get more players, so if you know someone that may be interested...refer them ^_^

Also, below is a cut text to start the game off, a bit of background if you will. Read that BEFORE posting. ^_^

It had been several peaceful months for the Wizarding World after Voldemort,
the Dark Lord, had finally been defeated. Many people didn't really know what
happened that dark day between him and Harry Potter, but some people dreaded
to think about it. Instead, they continue on with their lives knowing simply
that the Boy-Who-Lived had saved them yet another time.

While others lived in happiness, there were yet few who lived in sadness. The
world now lacked the innocent humour of Neville Longbottom, who was killed in
the stand against Voldemort. Others mourned more for the strange disappearance
of Sirius Black, only a handful truly knowing what happened to him. Peter
Pettigrew had been caught and the truth about Sirius had been revealed, and
now people had regretted how they had treated him. But they now had no chance
to apologize.

It was now September 1st, 1998. Many students had graduated from Hogwarts and
went their own ways. Others were yet attending school, anxiously awaiting their
turn to break out into the world.

But this peace had not lasted.

A week previous to this date, strange occurences began to take place. Muggles
were being killed without cause, what remained of the Demetors abandoned their
places around Azkaban again, several Wizards and Witches have gone missing, and
even some Death Eaters had disappeared from their cells in Azkaban.

Those that knew of these happenings didn't know what to think. Some chose simply
to ignore it. Others had sat in silence, dwelling on an explanation. Voldemort
was destroyed, wasn't he? He couldn't have come back. Harry Potter couldn't have

But, if it wasn't Voldemort...who was it?
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