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serpens_caligo's Journal

Serpens Caligo :: Serpent of Darkness RPG
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**Serpens Caligo**

It seems that you have stumbled upon yet another Harry Potter based RPG. This one, however, is a little bit of a different genre.

It's the year 1998, the September after Harry has graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. There has been rumour of a mysterious presence, possibly a new threat, whispered on the fall winds. Harry's dreams are haunted by this - and the group feels the wonderful peace since Voldemort's final fall will not last long.

In a meager attempt to keep unity between the current and former students of Hogwarts, Muggle journals are used to keep in contact and to keep a close watch. But how far will this peace last?

I'm currently working all the events that happened for the rest of Harry's time at Hogwarts, and I will be sending it to all members upon request. If you would like to know, email me.


Okay, onto the nitty gritty stuff. Don't worry - this shouldn't be too painful.

1. For starters, we would like to keep this RP to dedicated players. We have seen RPs go downhill due to players lacking in their posting duties - and we would like to keep this going as long as possible.

2. We prefer that our players are mature, considering there may be some mild adult themes. Such as violence, sexual situations, etc. There may or may not be slash or femme-slash. Be forewarned.

3. Please, no God-moding. Playable characters are *not* all powerful - and should not be played as such. If there is something a little out of this context (and not to out-there) that you would like to do, please talk to one of the Mods.

4. Character conflict is allowed, though PC killing should be planned out with the players AND the Mods before attempted. Also, if there is to be a significant plot between characters, do plan it out OOC with all the players involved. If you would like something to happen to your character specifically - contact one of the Mods and we'll see what we can do.

5. Just to make sure that you have at least skimmed the rules - when you come to the 'question' "Spider in the bed", please answer with "Ickle-Ronnikins"

6. Everyone can start off with 2 characters, and I may extend the number when I begin to allow original characters. But for now - stick to 2.

7. Most of all, have fun. Stay with the plot, but don't feel that you're entirely bound to it. Recognize significant events - but your characters do have lives (or at least we hope so) - so have fun!


We will, at one point, be accepting original characters - but only after we get the more major canon characters filled.

When choosing your character, please take a look at the HP Lexicon Student List.

*Marks characters on hold. You can still apply for them, and I'll give the character to whoever has the best application.

Taken Characters
Draco Malfoy // Kira draco_anguis
Millicent Bulstrode // Joe millibulstrode
Blaise Zabini // Esh adamoscelero
Harry Potter // Jay just_harry_
Nymphadora Tonks // Manda sempertransitus
Sean Fawcett // Esh ourskyfelldown
*Adrian Pucey // Kait
Pansy Parkinson // Donna elegant_pansy
Remus Lupin // Jamie
Luna Lovegood // Morgan upsidedown_news
Daphne Greengrass // Devon bitchyslytherin
Bellatrix Lestrange // Jenny sinister_bell
Ginny Weasley // Jenn spring_chicken
Hermione Granger // Amber darling_mione
Lucius Malfoy // Ari purelymalicious

For reference, here's a list of playable Characters in the OotP so far (* means taken):

*Nymphadora Tonks
Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody
*Remus Lupin
Hestia Jones
Mundungus Fletcher
Molly Weasley
Arthur Weasley
Arabella Figg
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Charlie Weasley
Sturgis Podmore
Bill Weasley
Emmeline Vance
Dedalus Diggle
Severus Snape
*Albus Dumbledore
Minerva McGonagall

Ministry of Magic
Delores Umbridge
Amelia Bones
Cornelius Fudge
Amos Diggory
Arnold Peasgood
Mafalda Hopkirk

Death Eaters
*Bellatrix Lestrange
Rudolphus Lestrange
Rabastan Lestrange
*Lucius Malfoy
Antonin Dolahov
Augustus Rookwood
___ Avery
Walden Macnair
Peter Pettigrew
Narcissa Malfoy

*Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw)
Marietta Edgecombe (Ravenclaw)
Zacharius Smith (Hufflepuff)
Rose Zeller (Hufflepuff)
Theodore Nott (Slytherin)
*Daphne Greengrass (Slytherin)
Evan Abercrombie (Gryffindor)
Patricia Stimpson (Gryffindor)
Kenneth Towler (Gryffindor)
Vicky Frobisher (Gryffindor)
Geoffrey Hooper (Gryffindor)
Andrew Kirke (Gryffindor)
Jack Sloper (Gryffindor)

Miles Bletchley

Desperately Seeking:
Ron Weasley
Severus Snape

Character Application
Time Zone:
Online Availability:
RP Experience:
Spider in the Bed:

Canon Character
Profession: (if student - just list as such)
Affiliation: (were they neutral, a death eater, or pro-dumbledore?)
Physical Description:
Anything Else:

Sample Journal Entry: (We'd like to have an insight to the workings of your character, so simply write this out as you would if you were posting as that character.)

Sample RP Experience: (Here you will provide is with a sample of your writing, in paragraph form. Almost like a story. If you're playing a teacher or student, please describe your character in the Great Hall. If you play a graduate, describe a typical morning at work. DO NOT leave this blank - this is what makes or breaks your application).

Okay, please make sure that all parts of your application are filled before you send it to the Mod. Oh, and by the way, detailed descriptions will get you far ;)

Kira: hakachi@yahoo.com
*Please make the subject of the email SC Application. Make sure you have the character info & personal info (including the 2 samples).